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Never a dull moment

Here at the Junior Vet Academy we are up early with the roosters to prep for a busy day.

Every morning starts with “rounds,” where we discuss the planned activities for that day’s care of all our animals.

After feeding time, classes begin. Our curriculum is structured but flexible, so we can tailor activities to the special interests of each individual in the group. In the afternoon, we put our farmers hats on and perform pasture checks and get the animals settled in for the evening.

Late afternoons offer various opportunities for your child to relax before the evening activity begins. They might decide to try fishing or take a dip in the pool, maybe read a book, or bond with one of the farm animals One thing is for sure, no two days are ever alike!

At the end of each day of exploration, your child will stay in Junior Vet Academy’s dedicated farmhouse next door to 1870 Farm. Our program is managed by Dr. Amanda Mckee and your child will always be guided by our top notch and carefully screened counselors.

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