Frequently Asked Questions


We are proud to offer two courses of study for budding veterinarians:  Kids Vet Club and Junior Vet Academy.

Kids Vet Club is a great introduction into the world of animal health and husbandry.  The two hour classes  and summer camp experience cover a range of topics from wellness exams and animal behavior to acupuncture and suture techniques.  They provide an excellent foundation for those who want to explore more advanced concepts through Junior Vet Academy.   The summer camp offerings take place during the normal camp day.  The students will leave their daily groups to participate in the Kids Vet Club activities and then return back to their assigned camp groups.


Junior Vet Academy is for mature students with an active interest in pursuing an animal health or veterinary future.  Co-ed commuter day camp as well as overnight girls only sessions are offered.   We spend all day immersed in animal health and veterinary related topics.  There is fun and engaging mixture of lectures, labs and animal handling experiences. Covid permitting we will also take field trips such as visiting local animal hospitals, animal shelters and teaching facilities. Students need to be able to sit and participate in the lectures and safely work in environments with sharp objects.    Please note that we do discuss mature topics such as euthanasia and reproduction.    Attendance in Kids Vet Club camp or workshops is encouraged but not required.

Covid protocol:   We foll

Camper eligibility:

The Junior Vet Academy and Kids Vet Club Programs team strives to create an environment in which each and every camper can experience a fun and memorable time on our campus. We promise families that we will promote and maintain a safe, positive environment that encourages self-confidence and personal development while taking part in our camp programs.       With this philosophy in mind, if your child has a physical/medical/emotional condition that may require an accommodation in order for him or her to participate in camp and our programing  we ask that you contact our Summer Programs Director Carmen Johnson- prior to your registration. This contact will allow for the opening of a dialogue to determine whether or not the Kids Vet Club/ Junior Veterinary Academy  program(s) will be appropriate for your child.

Overnight Vet Academy packing list:



Underwear, socks, shorts and t-shirts for each day plus 2 spare.   

1-2 age appropriate bathing suits

Tennis shoes

Boots (rain or muck boots are fine)

Flip flops for shower

1-2 pair long pants

Jacket/fleece /sweatshirt

2-3 pair of pajamas

Rain coat or poncho


Personal Care:

2 bath towels and a wash cloth

Beach towel

Fanny Pack or sling backpack

Hand Sanitizer

Sunscreen 25+ or higher and lip balm

Tooth brush and tooth paste

Soap, shampoo and conditioner


Brush/comb, hair ties

Bug spray

Plastic bucket or bag to take items to shower

Personal sanitary supplies

Medication OTC and RX as needed

Copy of insurance card



Sleeping bag, twin sheets and pillow, or  comforter

Small book bag/day pack

Lunch box/bag

 Laundry bag for dirties  (mesh is best)

Flashlight or head lamp and batteries                  2 refillable water bottles

Nice to have:

Athletic sandals ( like Keen/Chaco )

Camera (nothing valuable)

Book(s) for rest and travel time




Towels or food to donate to the animal shelter



If your camper has a particular health food or snack they enjoy (protein bars, fruit leathers), please feel free to send.


Food allergies- finicky eaters:

Please contact me with any dietary concerns.  We will try to accommodate or work with you so that you can provide safe and healthy meals for your child.

We are a peanut free camp.

We cannot be responsible for damage to any items brought to camp. 

Please do not send expensive clothing or items that can not get dirty

We look forward to a wonderful week with your vet-to-be!