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This summer we are excited to offer our Kids Vet Club Workshops at

The 1870 Farm Day Camp.

Campers will have the opportunity to enhance their farm camp experience four days of the week with our trained vet techs and animal care specialists right at 1870 Farm!  

We will explore animal care and husbandry basics and cover topics such as vaccinations, parasitology and radiology.

This camp is a great way for animal lovers to learn more about animal health and serves as an excellent stepping stone to our more advanced Junior Vet Academy. 

It is our goal to provide individualized instruction and experiences to

each child.  For this reason we limit the class size to 12 participants.



  Please see the FAQ page for additional important information.

Enrollment in 1870 Summer Farm camp is required to participate in this additional class. 

This camp is DAY only

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