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Join us for online experiences!

Join Dr. Amanda from her farm vet clinic,

where we never know what the day might bring?

Part of the workshop takes place in the farm clinic,

part of it is where the animals live.

All this if followed by a question and answer 

session where you may send your questions live!

The workshops are  educational  and entertaining.

Those unable to watch the episode

can access the workshop online 24/7 .

The workshops will be on the Last Saturday of each month

You will get a link and reminder prior to each workshop.

We also offer a Kids Vet Club box

which has real veterinary tools (age appropriate).

 March 25th 1:00PM
Eastern Standard Time

This will be the last workshop until Fall 2023. Kits and recorded sessions still available.


KVC BOX 812.jpg

A portion of the holiday box proceeds will go to For The Love Of Alex Inc. which provides emergency funding for life-saving veterinary care for low-income families.

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